We’ve all heard of the car Cadillac, but have you heard of Cadillac pilates?

When you first look at the Cadillac equipment, it can look scary since it’s made out of so many parts and bolts. This piece of equipment consists of rollback bars, push through, arm, and leg springs. If you start exercising Cadillac pilates, you will never run out of exercise ideas. It’s slightly different from the wall units. It differs in the canopy top that enables you to perform advanced moves, such as extraordinary acrobatics.

The Cadillac can offer you from a one on one rehab session to a light stretch.  The issue behind coming from the spring on the Cadillac is slightly different than coming from the reformer. This piece of equipment can offer you lean, muscular arms and gorgeous lengthen hamstrings with almost no pressure put directly on the legs.  It’s designed so that the client feels each exercise differently by connecting to their powerhouse, enabling them to perform better on the reformer.

Every pilates enthusiast needs to experience what it feels like hanging down at a 180-degree inversion and inverted hanging pike. Before you start doing these exercises, you need to know what focus and core strength. These exercises are super energizing, and they help you open up the shoulders and the hip. Did you know that Cadillac pilates offers more muscular biceps and takes the pressure off the neck and spine?

The Pilates Cadillac vs. Pilates Mat Exercises

Cadillac Pilates can be divided into or combined with mat exercises as well. You need to use the mat when you can naturally move your body, just like you would when you’re working, pushing against the springs’ resistance. When you have access to the springs on the Cadillac, you’ll see how the body should create opposition when you don’t move without the springs. It will help you advance your technique in other areas of exercise. It’s proven that people who exercise on the Cadillac are growing faster than people that stick to mat workouts. It gives you the necessary push your body needs and improves your overall Pilates workout.

Arm Springs Lying Down

It’s also considered as the primary ‘arm spring’ exercise we learn at pilates classes. Our body will be supported with this exercise as we feel our back muscles building on the mat. With the help of the spring, we can feel our whole body coax while doing this exercise. This is not just any arm exercise.

Press the feet on the mat to revitalize the lower side of your body. That’s usually the body part that does all the heavy work for you.

Remember that we need to lift our core in the opposite direction while pushing on Cadillac Pilates’ spring. The focus on this type of exercise is put on the back than an arm exercise. If this exercise was done while standing up, the Arm Spring Lying Down becomes Chest Expansion.

Teaser (part 1) on the Cadillac

You will feel like a goddess connected to your core with this one!

You have the support of the mat behind your back. As an additional help, you have the Push Thru bar that needs to be controlled at all times.

Mastering the Push Thru bar will give you a significant advance in all other types of workouts.

Using the heel of your hand, you will connect and resist the bar as the bar will move closer to you. You have to control the bar because it will begin to change direction.

Again you have the feedback of the mat behind you. Plus, you now have the unwieldy Push Thru bar, which must be controlled.

Connect to the back muscles while the arms reach up to move the bar’s center instead of your shoulders.

Do three reps.

You should feel more connected to your upper body without working out on the mat.


The Rowing Series on the Arm Chair

The Arm Chair will give you the same feedback from the apparatus, but only this time you need to be sitting up instead of lying down.

Buckle up if you haven’t experienced the four Rowing exercises.

Here on the Arm Chair, you’ll have the same feedback from the apparatus, this time sitting up instead of lying down. See how you do.

Rowing exercises on the Arm Chair:

3 Rowing – From the Chest

4 Rowing – From the Hip

5 Rowing – Shave

6 Rowing – Hug

The Arm Chair will make you a master for the Reformer Rowing exercise series. You will feel the feedback from the chair and the connection to back up your tall back position.

Rolling Back

This is much more than just an exercise because no matter what kind of quality of your rolling up skills are, everyone can benefit from this exercise. It’s also a great segue from going outside the studio and rolling in into the exercise.

We need to start with working on the lower body components of the Hanging Pulls Ups.

Touch the lower body and heels opposing the upright poles of the Cadillac. You might need an extra push here that’s why you need to use all of your willpower and body force to make it happen.

The apparatus will support your body. You need to hone your focus to find a seat, stomach, and back. This will come as a support to help your body move through the next lower body exercise.

Now we move on to the Short Box Series.

The Short Box Series

This Short Box series exercises will give us a boost to our Pilates routine. Stand still and forget about the amazing movements of your upper body.

Focus on the lower body part with these series to center the body and empower your amazing Short Box technique. Master the strap that reaches the heels underneath and keeps it oppressively tightly around the ankles.

You won’t have the privilege of pressing your heels into the apparatus.

You can even use the Rolling Back exercises to include it in the Short Box Series and see what might happen to your lower body. You might be surprised by the results.

The Traditional Ending on the Cadillac

The finishing process on the Cadillac pilates journey is breathing. It’s helping exercise to give support to your body weight in the air.

Keep your body in a strong line.

Move your lower body and keep it elongated toward your toes.

Take the skills you learned from the Arm Springs Lying Down exercise. Push the bar toward you and connect it into the back.

Stay consistent with this exercise and feel the power of the finishing sequence!